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Lab Dimension is a private company established in 2009

To start a successful story via clear and consistent values and cores, serving more than 5000 customers.
We offer a wide range of high-quality products from carefully selected manufacturers of innovative and industry-leading tools and technologies.With all of our suppliers, we focus on building strong relationships that will ensure long-term success for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

Lab Dimension is a marketing and distribution company that specializes in sourcing, supplying, and supporting medical laboratories, covering their needs from chemicals, tools, equipment, and disposables. We bring a global perspective to our business worldwide, covering All over Egypt regions

Lab Dimension is not just a reseller. Our relationships with our customers don’t end when we close a sale. At Lab Dimension, we all take pride in the expertise we bring to our work. Our customers benefit from local sales and support teams with expert product and application knowledge. We specialize in delivering a streamlined sales process, expert customer support, and top-quality service. Our comprehensive support and service program is as important to our business as the products we deliver.

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At Lab Dimension, we strive to empower our customers

to accomplish scientific advancements by providing high-quality products and expert support, enabled by strong and lasting partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers.

Our relationships are built upon mutual trust and reliability, providing levels of service and after-sales care that are in keeping with our customers’ and partners’ standards.